4-Wheel City Drifting v 1.0 (Mod Money) APK MOD BOX DOWNLOAD

4-Wheel City Drifting v 1.0 (Mod Money)

Drifting and speeding is the only way to win.
Defeat those opponents and become the legend of the city!
Dozens of advanced racing cars waiting for you to choose
There are different levels of racing cars in this game, each car has its own characteristics and skills, choose your own car and defeat others.
Unique reinforcement system
Spend game coins to strengthen your car and turn it into your strongest game “weapon”
Unique skill point system
Points can be earned at the end of each game, and a certain number of points can be accumulated to obtain the corresponding bonus effect.
Unique game playback system
At the end of each game, there is a game playback system. You can see any angles of your games, the competition behind the car, the perspective of God to watch your perfect drift gives you another feeling.
Different racing exams
Spend game coins to take the challenge, and pass the challenge will get a generous reward.
Multi-view game
In the game, you can switch perspectives freely and experience more different feelings.

Category: Action
Release Date: 18.09.2018
Language: English
Size: 52 MB
File Type: Apk



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