BattleHand Heroes v 2.1.0 (1 Hit / God Mode)

BattleHand Heroes v 2.1.0 (1 Hit / God Mode)

Calling all Super Heroes!The interdimensional being Omega has settled in Silver City to bring chaos and destruction. Crime is through the roof!Take Mr. Sunshine and his incredible powers and build a team of Heroes known as The Sentinels to take back the city from evil.From Kitty Karma to Cloud-9, rally a team of Heroes and save the world in this hero-based collectible card game!Join a Global Alliance, battle in the Silver City Stadium, climb your way through Titan Tower, and take on challenges from the Helipad.Battlehand Heroes is an all new adventure, with AAA graphics, hilarious animations, and the ability to be just a little more super than you are in normal life.

Release Date: 15.04.2019
Language: English
Size: 78 MB
File Type: Apk
MODs?:(1 Hit / God Mode)



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