Board Heroes League Mod x10 Damage

Board Heroes League Mod x10 Damage + Defense Multiple Android v0.1 Download
Board Heroes League is a bright example of a new emerging genre, chess simulator with MOBA mechanics. Board Heroes League is perfect for those who value collectible card games, RTS, and MOBA as it is a shaken up and mixed combination of the best sides of the genres. As a result, we have a dashing intense emotional game with lots of races and classes, rich fantasy world and epic adventures! And everything is tied with a mystic halo of fantasy setting. Make your own team of heroes, be brave to face some defeats, upgrade your team, build up your perfect battle tactics, and…enjoy the view of you leading your heroes to victory!


Game Name: Board Heroes League
Category: Board
Release Date: 04.05.2019
Language: English
Size: 82 MB
Company: Mishka Production
File Type: Apk


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