Dark Infusion Substratum Theme for N, O and Pie Mod Full v19.6 (Patched)

Dark Infusion Substratum Theme for N, O and Pie Mod Full v19.6 (Patched)
This is not for Sam-sung or OOS stock roms!! Know how to recover your device before using Subs as I take no responsibility for what you do to your device! I can only test on Nexus and Pixel devices but this should work on any device with a custom AOSP Rom with Substratum support.

Pixel 2 users(and maybe Pixel 1 also) using 8.0 Oreo Stock rom you will need to pretend you are on Stock Android Oreo 8.1 and choose Android Oreo 8-1 from the main spinner.

Dark Infusion has tons of color choices(link to full list below) for every dark theme lover! You can go for a full AMOLED blacked out look with your choice of accent to a Solarized look or even Material Dark. The possibilities are almost endless 😀

🌟 You will make all your system color choices in the Android System overlay(link to full list below)…

✴️ Your first choice is the Background Color, this will change all the main app backgrounds to your choice.
✴️ The second choice is Primary Color which changes the Status Bar and Action Bar of all themed apps.
✴️ Third is your Accent Color which controls every themed app’s Accent Color.
✴️ Forth is the Card Color which controls Cards and Popup backgrounds.

✴️✴️Complete list of colors here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GGQDHJr_m4X9V9D-pxgDwBXS7VLsNHyfX3Sf2kEfjeY/edit?usp=sharing

🌟 New for custom Oreo Roms there is also an option you need to choose in the main SystemUI overlay 😉

🌟 Dark Infusion Substratum theme is for Aosp 7.1.x Custom roms with OMS7 also Stock Oreo 8.x (Rooted and Rootless), Rooted Stock Pie and AOSP Android 8.x Oreo. !!NOT FOR ANDROID 5.x or 6.x!! 🌟 – Read above for Pixel 2 Oreo 8.0 users

🌟 Android 9.0 Pie is beta so expect bugs and please report if you find em! 🌟

🌟 !!!No Legacy Support!!! Use at your own risk on stock Nougat Roms! 🌟

If you are not sure if your device is supported please join the Telegram group listed below and ask 😀

Updated Time 04.04.2019
Category: Personalization
Langue English
7.0 and up
Developer productions TheRealBigJake
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