Dark Sword Mod Apk

Dark Sword Mod Apk Gold / Souls / Keys / Stamina / 1 Lvl v2.3.3
Dark Sword MOD APK: A cool and entertaining slasher in which we need to lead a dark knight through the levels of numerous given games. In it we will get into the atmosphere of a terrible game, where somehow the dragon had stolen the dark sun and thus the world plunged into total darkness. All I remember is that night… The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun. And light vanished. All living creatures became dark… Only carrying what’s left behind… the eternal pain. Now the earth began to occur, the terrible things all the villains and monsters rebelled, and only you can stop in their power. Run through the numerous levels and with the help of your big sword, cut the enemies of all who met us on the way. Here it is necessary to destroy about a hundred monsters dangerous for us, or endlessly establish a regime and test our skills in practice, having fought with enemies.


Game Name: Dark Sword
Category: Role Playing
Release Date: 20.06.2019
Language: English
Size: 70 MB
File Type: Apk


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