MU Strongest VNG v1.3.1 Mod (High Speed)

MU Strongest VNG v1.3.1 Mod (High Speed)

MU Strongest – VNG is immersive MMORPG mobile game is copyrighted by Webzen Korean manufacturer – creator of the classic series MU Online.
Inherit what essence of the MU PC myth to the MU Strongest version of Dark Intensity Assuming, again community gamers MU (Mutizen) will jointly set up the hunt BOSS plowed map, hunting jade Chaos in familiar landmarks such as Lorencia, Davias, Atlans …; copies Blood Castle, Devil Square …; and many other attractive features.
1. Standard Korean Webzen MU – Recreate the classic 15 years
2. Song Tu sects – Anak Ba Cuong Say
– Enjoy choose the Dark Knight character class 6, the Magic Gladiator, Dark Elf, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Elemental Lord.
– Convert between class flexible marketing confess rhinestones, dominate the Continent MU
3. The Diversity Vice – Hunting Boss All Day
– Associate the familiar classics: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Stadium …
– Even power conquest, hunting items and rare materials and Hunting Boss Hourly features and other bulk copies.
4. Bring riding wing beast, conquer enemies
– Photos shimmering, magical effects and side-class system.
– unique mount system with the ability to change skins for mounts, express individuality mutizen.
5. PK 101 vs 101 – inter-server strategy
– PvP diverse Battlefield: Chaos Castle Island Detention, 101 vs 101 Roland Thanh Chien, Killing the Dragon … dedicated individuals, Guild, The Team for players to unleash skills PK competed.
– PK maps anytime, easily fight bosses, monsters picturesque beaches.
6. Hunting BOSS Auction – Share of income
– Freedom to sell items, materials obtained from killing bosses or completing tasks.
– auction system unique items – where the auction to spend on yourself the game’s hot item.

Release Date: 12.05.2019
Language: English
Size: 37 MB
Company:VNG Game Publishing
File Type: Apk
MODs?:High Speed


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