Noble: Mage’s Adventure Mod Infinite Xenon

Noble: Mage’s Adventure Mod (Infinite Xenon + Magic Stone + Florin + Gem) Android v1.0.8.0 Download
Arendel, a kingdom ruled by 13 Gods. When Arendel was born, the Gods knew that if mages with godly magical powers came into power, the authority of humans with no powers would plummet to the ground. Hence they banned mages from becoming nobles. However, the very magically talented protagonist with no affiliations whatsoever with the ban, was not even a bit interested in gaining authority and power. Accompanying this protagonist, an elemental that is slightly materialistic and wishes to be a noble. The once peaceful Arendel now walks the path of destruction as the Gods turned their backs on the distrusting humans.


Game Name: Noble: Mage’s Adventure
Category: Role Playing
Release Date: 18.04.2019
Language: English
Size: 102 MB
File Type: Apk


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