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Want to optimize your PUBG Mobile game? I can suggest a solution for you. I would like to introduce a great app for PUBG Mobile, which allows you to further intervene in game settings to optimize and deliver the perfect gaming experience on any Android device. Application named PUB Gfx + Tool (PUB Gfx Plus Tool). In this article, I will show you how to download and install the latest PUB Gfx + Tool (Preset) for free.

Note: The last update was on August 14, 2019.

What is PUB Gfx + Tool (with advance settings)?
What does it do?
PUBG has a problem that affects the gaming experience. If you are using a low level device, this means that it cannot run the game at the highest setting. Even when you use Low Setting, during gameplay, there are often errors like Drop FPS, loss of detail, audio failure … Recently, Tencent has found a solution to solve this problem. They have released a Lite version dedicated to low quality devices. However, this version is still in the process of soft-start being downloaded in some countries. We have also prepared an article about PUBG Lite installation guide that you can refer to HERE. Also, PUBG Lite uses its own server, so you can’t match those playing the full version.

Be careful.
Also, those who use low quality devices are not happy with PUBG Mobile. The game allows players to automatically select only one of three settings: High, Medium, Low, and you can’t interfere with other customizations. Those who want to optimize the gaming experience become unhappy. At this point, the PUB Gfx + Tool is the solution to all of the above problems. This tool provides a range of customizations that allow users to make custom PUBG customizations, such as changing object details, shading, unlocking FPS, increasing or decreasing resolution, and increasing and increasing optimization. The game will run more smoothly.

Pubg games.

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What are the main features of PUB Gfx + Tool?
The PUB Gfx + Tool offers many unique features that allow you to easily optimize PUBG Mobile. Even if you’re not a technology master, you can still use it. Currently, there are two versions of PUB Gfx + Tool, free and paid. In this article we will give you the paid version of the PUB Gfx + Tool (includes advanced features). Here are the key features you can discover from PUB Gfx + Tool:

– Game Variant: Select the version of the PUBG Mobile game you are playing. Global, Chinese and Korean beta options. You must select the correct version for the application to work.

– Resolution: Depending on the resolution of your phone’s screen, you can select a lower resolution than the default setting to make the game softer. Of course, the in-game image quality will decline.

– Restore: This feature allows you to set all default settings, so you can change many settings until you select the best configuration.

– Charts: Add custom chart settings. By default, there are only three options: High, Medium, and Low. PUB Gfx + Tool offers five levels: Default, Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR.

– FPS: Unlock FPS, there are four levels: Default, High, Ultra and Extreme. This feature allows the player to play the game at the highest FPS.

– Style: Change the graphic style to five levels: Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft

– Shadow: This feature allows you to enable or disable the shadows of objects in the game. Shadow is one of the key factors affecting PUBG Mobile’s smoothness. If you are using low quality devices, you must turn it off.

– MSAA: Activate or deactivate the antialiasing feature, the game display will be better. You can view distance objects more easily.

Advanced Gorgeous Features of PUB Gfx + Tool
In addition to the basic functions available in the current PUB Gfx + Tool version, more advanced features are available that allow you to intervene further in the game. These features help you optimize the game better.

Zero Delay Mode + Battery Efficient: Minimize latency when playing games on low quality devices. Also, enabling this feature can help your device conserve battery power.
Hardware Accelerated Rendering: Currently, this feature only supports VULKAN and OpenGL 3.1+.
GPU Optimization: Customize OpenGL shaders to make the game run more smoothly.
Memory Boost: Improve game performance
Smart Widget: You no longer need to open the PUB Gfx + Tool (Preset) to run the game. The application allows you to create a shortcut on the home screen; so you can open the game immediately with optimized configuration.

Important Note: These features are only available in paid versions. You will not see them in the free version.
After making the changes, you must click the Apply button in the upper right corner to save the settings. You can now reopen PUBG Mobile to experience it. As you can see, the graphics quality of the game has changed dramatically, which makes the game softer.

PUB Gfx + Tool Installation Guide:
We have introduced the unique features of PUB Gfx + Tool. If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, you definitely need to download and use this app. You don’t know much about Android and you don’t know how to install apps with APK files, do you? Do not worry! We’il help you. Just follow these steps:
# 1: First, you need to make sure that your device enables the installation of an APK file from an unknown source. By default, this feature is always disabled on all devices.

# 2: To do this, you need to go to Settings> Security. Scroll down and search for “Unknown Sources için to open it.
# 3: Then, download the PUB Gfx + Tool.APK file we provided at the end of this article. You must remember the place you saved.
# 4: Open “File Manager dan from your device, navigate to the location where the file was saved, tap to start uploading.

# 5: Installation will take about 10-15 seconds. Wait for it to complete. Congratulations on successfully installing PUB Gfx + Tool on your device! Now you can open the App icon by appearing in App Draws and start making custom PUBG Mobile.

Important Note: PUB Gfx + Tool does not require Root device. You can install it on all Root and unRoot devices. Before using PUB Gfx + Tool, you need to install PUBG Mobile Official.

Finally (Your final decision)
Android disintegration causes headaches when game publishers have to optimize their game to bring their games to every device. PUBG Mobile is no exception. This game requires a very advanced device. Although it allows the player to choose the graphics level, PUBG has many problems with smoothness, FPS, and loss of sound. PUB Gfx Plus Tool was born to solve them. The application comes with many customizations that allow users to change the graphical configuration of the game, and advanced features make the game smoother on low-quality devices.
This article provides all the information we know about PUB Gfx + Tool. We hope that you have downloaded and installed PUB Gfx + Tool on your device. If you have any questions about this topic, please leave a comment below.

Mod Lite Features:

Latest version
Cleaned and lit;
Removed as unnecessary side menu (“Points”, “Other apps”, “Share”, ulaş Contact us ”items) (see screen);
Language support: Ru, En, Uk;
Policies are made in themes: standard and dark;
Do NOT apply compression / ultra compressing and removing duplicate graphics!


App Name: QR Barcode Scanner Pro
Category: Tools
Release Date: 23.08.2019
Language: English
Size: 1.4 MB
Company: LTrilokia Inc.
File Type: Apk


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