Stars Photo-Take a stellar picture Mod Full v2.7.1

Stars Photo-Take a stellar picture Mod Full v2.7.1

“Someone says that you can take the beautiful pictures of starry sky easily with your digital camera, but that is impossible as I can not recognize which star I am watching in the dark sky!”You will like this app.
Stars Photo is a new application which is a little different from the planetarium application so far. With Stars Photo, anyone can take pictures of starry sky easily.
You install a smartphone in the accessory shoe of the camera, and the smart screen changes to a viewfinder. You can see the starry sky in the direction the camera is facing now.
Usually you take pictures of starry sky with a painfully, strange posture that you need to look into camera finder. But, with Stars Photo, you can do it comffortlly by looking at the smartphone.Just push the shutter of the camera after turning to the desired constellation. Anyone can take a picture of beautiful starry sky easily.
For experts star landscape picture or Time-lapse photo animations of stars, this app has the effective Time-lapse photo Simulation function, too.
You can simulate by this app where the star move to several minutes later, so you can decide shutter speed, number of shots and composition of your photo.
Install Stars Photo, connect your smartphone to your camera, and then turn to a night sky.
Now, enjoy starry sky with Stars Photo.


Game Name: Stars Photo-Take a stellar picture
Category: Photography
Release Date: 07.04.2019
Language: English
Size: 44 MB
Company: Nahooh
File Type: Apk


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