TDZ 2 Premium v1.2 Mod full version apk Download

TDZ 2 Premium v1.2 Mod full version apk Download

The Dead Zone 2 – post-apocalyptic quest on PC and Android! The story of the game tells about two comrades who survived in the bowels of a closed reactor. After a month of heavy stay in the underground wilderness, unexpectedly the heroes are discovered by an unknown anomaly-teleport, which spreads friends across the edges of the zone. The protagonist, a stalker named “Raven”, sets off on a long journey in search of his comrade, faced with dangers of various kinds.
Warning: This game is not compatible with Samsung devices. This project is the development of amateurs, it will be gradually updated and refined by

Category: Action
Release Date: 23.09.2018
Language: English
Size:143 MB
Company:Team GZ
File Type: Apk
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