Troll Face Quest Classic Mod Unlimited Hints

Troll Face Quest Classic Mod Unlimited Hints Android v1.6.0 Download
Return to your troll roots to discover familiar yet fresh silly-stupid challenges with hilarious nonsensical outcomes. No logic required to solve the maddest and wackiest 2D point-and-click puzzles. Troll Face Quest Classic combines and refreshes some of the very best levels of the immensely popular series for a great laugh at the weirdest and wildest moments. The quick and quirky brainteasers will have you laugh your way through hilarious jokes and pranks with a fresh and funny twist.


Game Name: Troll Face Quest Classic
Category: Puzzle
Release Date: 07.05.2019
Language: English
Size: 47 MB
Company: Spil Games
File Type: Apk


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